News today that toll fees for travelling towards Wales on the Severn Bridge have been reduced, with a view to being scrapped altogether, have been largely welcomed by welsh businesses, including Rees Richards.

Dylan Williams said:

“I welcome today’s toll reduction, but look forward to them being scrapped altogether.  It is vital for the region that the promise to scrap the tolls altogether within 12 months is one which is kept.

“Scrapping of tolls and much-needed improvements to the M4 (which businesses in South Wales are continuing to press for), will mean many of South Wales’ beauty spots should be within an easy commute of Bristol.  This is good for property prices, and with more attractive property taxes for many buyers from April onwards, we could see more buyers looking to move to the region, as well as more businesses considering relocation. 

“However, improving Wales infrastructure would benefit businesses across all sectors of the welsh economy and like many other Welsh businesses, I hope that improving that infrastructure will be a major priority for Wales in 2018.”